Sokule is like Twitter but Monetized

Social Advertising

Sokule is like Twitter but monetized. Members can post to other members, they can email their followers, and they can earn commissions by letting others know about the site.

With a membership of over 127,000 active users, Sokule exposes online businesses to other businesses, and they can target their niche when they post or mail to their followers.

Users can also post to 1.4 million people daily when they upgrade at Sokule.

Sokule’s owners give upgraded members a list of targeted members in their area of interest. They want to make sure the members are reaching like-minded businesses and so they start founder members off with a targeted list of 3000 members.

Sokule is a one of a kind social media site. It is designed to reward activity at the site. You can join it for free. Upgrades range from $197 to $1497 for a founder account and members can earn up to 40% commissions on every sale they make.